Introduction to Healthcare Compliance – Including ACA/OIG Medicare – Waste, Fraud & Abuse – CE – 2021


Introduction to Healthcare Compliance course covers federal and generally applicable state healthcare compliance education and certification.
The 2021 course covers the OIG requirements and some of the most common laws used by the OIG. This course is designed to promote awareness and understanding of healthcare professionals about the Federal laws designed to protect the Government programs – Medicare and Medicaid.
Topics include: Federal Qui Tam; waste, fraud and abuse; Stark law; self-referral; the Affordable Care Act, & Office of the Inspector General (ACA/OIG) mandates; and billing compliance for Medicare and Medicaid that is generally applicable to private insurance billing compliance and private Special Investigations Units (SIU).

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• Upon successful completion of each course, a corresponding EPICourses certificate will be issued every year.
• A separate certificate for the Continuing Education credit(s) will be provided as well. Note that you may only collect applicable Continuing Education credit(s) once within the License renewal period/year 2020 to Feb 2023.



Introduction to Healthcare Compliance – Including ACA/OIG & Medicare – CE – 2021 Course presentation is designed to cover the mandatory annual basic training for healthcare professionals and business associates, for the year 2021.
This course consist of the following topics:

Training IntroductionACA Section 6401
General PrinciplesOffice of the Inspector General
Compliance definitionRisk Areas
Compliance ProgramPolicies and Procedure
Patient RightsGap Analysis
Sanction PolicyHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
False Claims ActAdditional Laws
Compliance OfficerCompliance Officer
Compliance StepsInvestigations
“Captain of the Ship”Knowledge and Intent
Notification RequirementsNotification Requirements