Human Trafficking Training for Healthcare Professionals CE Course


This training covers the basics of Human Trafficking as it relates to:
(1) Overall Background and General Information,
(2) Definition of Human Trafficking,
(3) Recognizing signs of Human Trafficking,
(4) Reporting of Human Trafficking Incidents,
(5) The A-M-P model concept, and
(6) Identifying resources available to Human Trafficking survivors.

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  • Upon successful completion of each course, a corresponding EPICourses certificate will be issued every year.
  • A separate certificate for the Continuing Education credit(s) will be provided as well. Note that you may only collect applicable Continuing Education credit(s) once within the License renewal period/year 2020 to Feb 2023.


Human Trafficking Training for Healthcare Professionals 1.0 Hours CE training covers the basics of Human Trafficking as it relates to:

Human Trafficking – Defined Criminal Actors
Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 Forced Labor
The A – M – P Model Sex Trafficking (US Data)
COVID-19 Pandemic Amplifying Human Trafficking Crossroads: Human Trafficking and Healthcare Access
Forms of Exploitation Preparation and Approach to Health Assessment, Management, & Intervention
Human Trafficking Situations Identifying Possible Victims: General, Physical, Mental, & Social- Developmental Indicators
Pre-existing Factors Protocol for Suspected Trafficking Situation
Victims & Survivors Identified by Trafficking Form How to Report
Data on Human Trafficking Victims Resources

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