HIPAA Security Compliance Certification Course – CE – 2022


HIPAA Security Compliance Certification Course 2022 presentation will cover the:

  1. Overall Background and General Information
  2. Basic Concepts of HIPAA Security
  3. HIPAA Security Basic Components
  4. Breach Procedures & Omnibus Rule
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  • 1. HIPAA Privacy (1.0 Credit Hours)
  • 2. HIPAA Security (1.0 Credit Hours)
  • 3. ACA/OIG Medicare (waste, fraud & abuse) training and certification (1.0 Credit Hours)
  • 4. OSHA for Healthcare (1.0 Credit Hours)
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  • Upon successful completion of each course, a corresponding EPICourses certificate will be issued every year.
  • A separate certificate for the Continuing Education credit(s) will be provided as well. Note that you may only collect applicable Continuing Education credit(s) once within the License renewal period/year 2020 to Feb 2023.


HIPAA Security Compliance Certification Course 2022 course by EPICourses is designed to keep healthcare professionals and business associates compliant with all HIPAA Security policies and regulations requirements for 2022.

Includes The Following:

HIPAA Security Introduction Title II – Administrative Simplification
Protected Health Information (PHI) Security Categories
Administrative Safeguards Physical Safeguards
Technical Safeguards Required vs. Addressable
Risk Analysis Risk Management
Sanction Policy Security Officer
Threats – Malicious Software Passwords
Contingency Plans Business Associates
Omnibus Rule HITECH
Breach Procedures Risk Assessment Factors
Notification Requirements Enforcement
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