HIPAA Privacy Compliance Certification Course – CE – 2020


This course covers the basics of HIPAA Privacy as it relates to:

(1) Overall Background and General Information,

(2) Basic Concepts of HIPAA Privacy,

(3) HIPAA Privacy Basic Components,

(4) Breach Procedures, and

(5) Omnibus Rule.

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HIPAA Privacy Compliance Certification Course presentation is designed to cover the mandatory annual basic training for healthcare professionals and business associates for 2020.

This course consists the following topics:

HIPAA Introduction Title II – Administrative Simplification
Covered Entities Protected Health Information (PHI)
Superconfidential Information Notice of Privacy Practices
Patient Rights Gap Analysis
Patient Rights Policies and Procedures


Sanction Policy Privacy Officer
Contact Person Conflicting Laws
Security and Electronic Data Interchange Business Associates
Uses and Disclosures Omnibus Rule
HITECH Breach Procedures
Notification Requirements Enforcement
Training Marketing