HIPAA & Medicare Violations are right around the corner… Protect yourself and your valuable business with HIPAA Compliance and Education.

Three main reasons for HIPAA Fines and Medicare violations:

  1. Outdated policies and forms
  2. Lack of staff/provider annual education
  3. Inadequate HIPAA Security breach protocols

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Use this Map to see businesses/persons who have had HIPAA Fines and Violations near you. We have included Medicare fines and violations data. Search here:

      This HIPAA Fines and HIPAA Violations List and Map is provided as an awareness tool. The information provided here is from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and their Office for Civil Rights (OCR)  and the OCR HIPAA Breach Portal.
      Civil Money Penalties (fines) for HIPAA Violations also come with additional obligations on the Covered Entities and Business Associates upon which they are levied – See: HHS Resolution Agreements and Civil Money Penalties Page
      HIPAA Fines and Penalties can be up to $50,000 (Per Employee). So, the threat is real. Take action and protect yourself. HIPAA Fines and Violations happen for good reason and for bad (such as not having a HIPAA Compliance Program or HIPAA Education Program).
      Additionally, this Map provides Medicare Fine, Fraud and Exclusion List data – yet another regulatory regime for which compliance is necessary.
      Data analysis courtesy of EPICompliance.com – Automated, Digital, Online HIPAA Compliance
      DISCLAIMER: We strive for accuracy and completeness. The data supplied is for informational purposes and is from US government publicly available databases. We do not warrant or guarantee the accuracy of this data and are not responsible for any errors or omissions. Should you see a record that is inaccurate please contact us and/or the relevant US government body.