Getting HIPAA Compliant

The OCR Confirms 2018, A Record Year For HIPAA Enforcement

" In addition, OCR also achieved the single largest individual HIPAA settlement in history"

HIPAA continues to increase the capacity to audit all covered entities and business associates in the health-care industry. The enforcement process by the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) continues to escalate as more violations and breach notifications increase every year.  We help all professionals in the health-care related industry and business associates to get fully compliant.

Get HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Laws Rules and Requirements

HIPAA consistently enforces all healthcare related professionals to have updated annual education and certification as required by law every year. HIPAA inspectors conduct regulatory audits every day. EPICourses and EPICompliance provides an easy solution to get your entire team compliant for HIPAA, ACA, OIG, OSHA, and Medicare.



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Free OSHA for Healthcare Annual Certification Course

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