EPICourses.com is the source for all federally mandated yearly HIPAA and Healthcare Compliance training. We provide verifiable completion certification for healthcare offices and business associates.

EPICourses in conjunction with EPICompliance offers continuously updated compliance and security documentation and certification services. In today’s government regulatory and compliance-intensive environment there is no room for error.
Whether you are a healthcare, legal, construction or service industry business there are obligations placed upon you by more than several federal agencies. The most widespread of these requirements are: OSHA, HIPAA Privacy Compliance, HIPPA Security, OIG… and the list goes on…
We offer a simple, cost-effective bundle of the four necessary yearly courses for healthcare offices and business associates:

  • HIPAA Privacy
  • HIPAA Security
  • Affordable Care Act/OIG/Medicare
  • OSHA Compliance

The completion of each course is documented by a certificate that you can print out for your records and which will also be stored in your account for future reference and in case of government audit. Sign up today and get compliant!


For more help with your compliance needs we offer EPICompliance.com. This site gives our users a comprehensive online resource of policies and forms to healthcare, HIPAA and HIPAA Business Associate/Covered Entities.


EPICourses.com and EPICompliance.com is the product of over 40 combined years of practical legal, medical and healthcare/occupational regulatory experience. We are a part of Taino Consultants – a specialist firm in high risk industry consulting, compliance, risk management and human resources. Our courses are gathered from compliance and process consultants who are the foremost experts in their fields and who have actually worked in these fields and defended those accused of violations.


Preparation is the key. And with the massive and sometimes overlapping regulatory requirements facing businesses there is no way for one person to cover “all the bases.” This is what we do for you here at EPICourses.com – educate on these requirements.


Remember that there is only going to be greater regulatory scrutiny in the future – Be Ready and Be Responsive