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Online HIPAA Certification

EPICourses is your source for getting HIPAA certified online. We offer a simple, cost-effective bundle of the four necessary yearly courses for healthcare offices and business associates

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Healthcare Consulting

Taino Consultants, Inc. provides professional, administrative and information technology services to commercial and government organizations.

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Automated Compliance

Annual education with certificates of completion. integrated action plans help to easily guide you and your team through the full HIPAA compliance process.

HIPAA Exam Certificate

EPICourses.com, Taino Consultants and EPICompliance.com is the product of over 40 combined years of practical legal, medical and healthcare/occupational regulatory experience. We work with Taino Consultants Inc. a provider of  compliance services for health organizations and individuals. 


Whether you are a healthcare, legal, construction or service industry business, there are obligations placed upon you by multiple federal agencies. The most widespread of these requirements are: HIPAA Privacy, Security, ACA, OIG and OSHA. Remember that there is only going to be greater regulatory scrutiny in the future – Be Ready and Be Responsive!