3rd Year Nigerian Med Student Tragically Lost His Leg

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Victor is a third-year medical student in Nigeria. He tragically lost his leg.

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Victor Ogungbemi was a Nigerian medical student who lost his leg because he was shot by highway bandits – then kidnapped by the police in an attempt to extort money in exchange for treatment of his wounds… by the time he eventually got back to the hospital, it was too late and the leg was lost to infection… He needs help to get back to school.

I am an emergency physician and am fortunate enough to be friends with Dr. Arubuola – who is a hospitalist physician where I worked for six years. Fisayo is also a pastor at his church and an intelligent, thoughtful and skilled physician. I would rely upon him for the most difficult cases…
The other day, Fisayo told me about this and how he was so moved by Victor’s story that he had to do something. That is all I needed to hear. To allay any concerns about Victor’s legitimacy (which unfortunately can be an issue in Nigeria).




Fisayo has done his due diligence. He has spoken with Victor, the hospital where he was treated and to Victor’s orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Olasinde.
It turns out that Dr. Arubuola and Dr. Olasinde have been friends since high school. Even though they did not go to the same medical school they have remained in touch since then. Here is the story in a nutshell: Dr. Olasinde struggled to save Victor’s leg, but could not… the delay in care due to the atrocious actions of the extortionist police spelled the end.

Another thing that Dr. Arubuola is doing: he is currently organizing with a local prosthetic company to hopefully donate some or all of their services…

And Fisayo spoke to Victor yesterday and said Victor is overjoyed and humbled by the donations thus far…

Well, every day is blessing and it is hard to imagine what Victor is going through.

Thank you.

Hale Hedley, JD, MD
Operations Director
EPICourses.com & EPICompliance.com

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